November 3rd, 2014

Warrior’s R29 & R30 Touring Tires receive UTQG upgrades, Warrior’s R32 Now Available, and Two New Warrior Products Introduced

MONROVIA, Calif., CMA and Warrior Tires, a leading tire manufacturer and marketer is pleased to announce several changes to the R29 & R30 as well as the introduction of the WR200 winter tire and SR1 SUV tire. Additionally, the previously released R32 is now available.

Warrior’s R29 premium all-season touring and R30 high performance touring tires have received a UTQG (Uniform Tire Quality Grade) “A” traction rating as well as increased treadwear ratings to 500 and 540. “Upgrading the traction rating for both the R29 and R30 helps support the fact that these two Warrior tires have been engineered for the highest in quality and performance,” said Ken Coltrane, Vice President of Consumer Tires at CMA. “Raising the treadwear ratings to 500 on the R29 and 540 on the R30 helps to better position the tires in a retailer’s product screen. Warrior received such great feedback last year when we launched the brand at the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) trade show and it has always been our intent to grow the brand by bringing more sizes, fitments and options to the market,” added Coltrane.

“After last year’s soft launch at SEMA of the high performance all-season R32 tire, it’s now available to the market. It’s a fantastic-looking and well performing product and we’re very pleased to add these popular 17-inch sizes to the Warrior lineup. This year, we are happy to introduce two more Warrior consumer tires: WR200 and SR1,” Coltrane said.

Available in 19 sizes, the studless Warrior WR200 features a special winter compound formulation for superior snow and ice traction performance, an enlarged contact patch with four circumferential grooves and a unique oval sipe technology designed for improved winter traction. Warrior’s SR1 is a premium tire designed for the CUV/SUV segment that provides a quiet and comfortable ride with features including a five pitch tread block, solid center rib, and asymmetric shoulder design. The SR1 is available in 9 sizes and comes with a 65,000 mile treadwear warranty. Both the WR200 and SR1 will be available in January 2015.