Company information

80 Years of industry excellence

Since 1934, Warrior has been manufacturing truck tires and has grown into a worldwide brand. As part of one of the largest tire manufacturers, Warrior is committed to becoming a premier tire brand in the highly competitive North American market. Our tires are engineered to provide the utmost control, enabling drivers to conquer the road and the elements. Warrior tires offer excellent mileage, safety, and speed ratings, adapting to the road conditions drivers experience every day by providing highly responsive stopping power and traction.

Warrior tires are produced by Double Coin Tyre Group, Ltd (Double Coin) and supplied by its North American subsidiary, CMA, LLC, which is based in Monrovia, California. CMA, LLC markets flag, associate, and private brand products from Double Coin and several other strategic manufacturers.


Focused on Continuous Improvement

With technology developed through partnerships with some of the world’s top-tier brands, Warrior tires are manufactured at some of the most advanced facilities globally. Our engineers focus on continuous improvement so that our customers can be assured of driving on tires of exceptional quality and reliability.