November 5th, 2014

CMA Announces the Launch of Warrior, a New Passenger Tire Brand

MONROVIA, Calif., Double Coin Holdings, Ltd (DCHL) and China Manufacturers Alliance, LLC (CMA) a leading tire manufacturer and marketer is pleased to announce the launch of the Warrior brand of passenger tires for the North American market.

Announced today at the 2013 SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) trade show, CMA is premiering Warrior’s first two passenger tire models: the R29 and R30. The R29 is a premium all-season tire engineered with a symmetrical tread design and the R30 is a high performance all-season tire utilizing an asymmetrical tread design for additional performance and handling. Both are M+S rated meeting the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) guidelines for mud and snow tires.

Announced with the product is the all new Warrior Protection Promise. All Warrior tires sold to consumers include a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, free roadside tire assistance, limited tread-wear mileage warranty and replacement warranty.

“Along with CMA’s Vice President Aaron Murphy, the primary role of marketing and branding will be assumed by Ken Coltrane, Vice President of Consumer Tires for the company,” Mike Yang, President of CMA said. “Both will oversee the Warrior brand development in North America.”

“We’ve anticipated this launch and opportunity for some time and it’s here today,” announced Murphy. “Warrior branded products had curb appeal in the past and through global efforts in technology and partnerships, the brand is back and ready to take off to new heights.”

“The quality of Warrior tires make for an ideal option and profit opportunity as a first replacement tire – they are engineered to have excellent mileage, safety and speed ratings,” said Coltrane. “Dealers can have confidence in recommending Warrior tires to the consumer as a high quality option versus the more expensive major brand tires. CMA is very pleased to re-introduce Warrior products to the North American market. Our plan of partnering with respected dealers and retail outlets nationwide to offer these quality tires to their customers is one that will include the strategy of service after the sale.”

All Warrior passenger tires are manufactured at Double Coin Group (Anhui) Warrior Tyre Co. Ltd, a joint venture between Double Coin Holdings, Ltd and Michelin Group.

To learn more about Warrior tires, visit the CMA booth #40195 at the 2013 SEMA Show, November 5th through 8th in Las Vegas, Nevada.